Weather & Clock App

This is a design challenge I was given for a weather/clock app. After 48 hours this is what I was able to make.

Branding Needs (3 Ms)

  • Modern
  • Mainstream
  • Memorable


I decided to make a simple design that had the trendy 2 color gradients to hit the 3 Ms. I added a scrolling line as the main point of the app. The idea would be that as you scroll the though the weather icons and temperature would dynamically update.


Mobile UI

Watch UI

Areas for Improvement

With only 48 hours to complete this challenge there are some things that I would have liked to spend more time on. First would be creating a smoother experience for the scrolling feature on the watch. The icons could be revisited to be simpler by making them monochrome. Secondly, the bars showing the 5-day forecast would also need some tinkering to create a less cluttered appearance.