Gem-Mini Logo

During this in class project I received a fictional company created by a fellow student. I received a fashion company aimed towards young urban adults specifically females.

Client Needs

Looking through the write up the client provided these were the keywords I would base my designs off of:

  • Cute
  • Ethereal Goddess
  • Playful
  • Sustainable
  • Space/Astrology Theme
  • Magical
  • Use of Blues, Purples, Pinks

Industry Research

What I learned from looking through at other fashion companies that catered to young adults looking for sustainable clothing was two distinct categories. There were companies with logos which were very clean and crisp or logos that were more cute with soft edges showing color. With this research I started seeing where the Gem-mini Logo could grow towards.

Design Exploration

Before staring sketching out logo ideas I began to organize the vision for the logo with a mood board. I gathered possible color options & gained inspiration by flipping through magazines to get most of the pictures in the Mood Board.

Mood Board

After finishing up with the Mood Board, I could get to the fun part which was getting the ideas onto paper!

During the exploration of the logo, I found myself leaning towards a letter form mark. The exploration showed 2 major themes which were crips clean lines or more curvilinear lines both with reflection.

Final Designs

The two main logos that I presented in class were a “gm” letter mark using the requested “cute” pastel colors as well as dots creating the form to represent a sort of constellation. The second logo was an abstract reflection of the letter G which touched on the theme of sustainable. This logo showed a continuous flow of lines and matched the ethereal theme.


Feedback from the class showed me that I didn’t push hard enough to reconcile the two ideas that both of the logos I had were trying to represent. So off I went to give it another try.

This is the final logo I created for the fashion Company Gem-Mini. This logo combines the 2 previous logos in a clean & crisp presentation for the company. The logo has some space/constellation properties with the dots but keeps the flow of the original logo. In the end I decided against color because of the belief that the logo would be more versatile for use in print, clothing, or other uses.