Hi. I’m Jazmin Marcias

My Resume

I started my journey at the University of Texas at Dallas with hopes of becoming a doctor of medicine. Eventually a stifled creativity had me looking for a different way to contributing to the world. Somewhere along the way I found out about User Experience and never looked back.

Why User Experience?

What I have come to love about User Experience is the holistic view that is taken when designing for our users. Understanding people, connections and the “why?” has always been a big part of the kind of learner I am, and I think my constant curiosity and passion for learning will help me craft and create the best experiences for any user I encounter.

For Fun!

Other than being a student, I also dabble in painting or drawing whenever I can. I don’t like long walks on the beach because sand gets everywhere afterwards. A necessary hobby after spending long hours at a desk is poorly executed yoga¬†(something I will probably bring it up if someone is complaining about back pain around me.)

Thanks for learning a bit more about me. Feel free to contact me for any reason!